Busy Girl: Italian Model Launches Oral Sex Tour For ‘NO’ Voters in Italian Referendum

Alternative Headline: Italian Model Keeps Her Political Promise to the delight of voters

(FYI: This may be a publicity stunt you will have to decide for yourself)

1 Leg Of Tour Down, 9 More To Go

An Italian model, Paola Saulino, who vowed to perform oral sex on everyone who voted ‘no’ in a recent Italian referendum claims to have completed the first leg of her “Pompa” tour. “Pompa”, meaning pump, is also Italian slang for oral sex.


Saulino took to Instagram to tell her followers that the “Pompa” Tour had started “A little bit tired but everything is ok,”

So far a lot of people are saying that this tour is not real and is nothing more than a marketing attempt.

According to RT, “one seemingly happy recipient took to social media to defend her saying ‘it’s all true!’.” No link was made available to the person who made this comment on social media.

Saulino is making sure to monetize her tour by selling merchandise.

Altri gadget #pompatour 2017 ! #paolina vi aspetta!!! I can’t wait! #followme #cute #nice #love #paolasaulino #hashtag

A photo posted by PAOLA SAULINO 🍯😋🐷 (@insta_paolina) on

What About Madonna’s Promise?

As disgusting as the “Pompa” Tour is, if true, at least the actress would be making good on a promise.

The same can’t be said for liberal Madonna who made the same promise to voters who voted for Hillary Clinton.

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