Meryl Streep Gives Snobby Golden Globes Speech, Admits She Lost Her Mind, Bashes Trump and Cries! (VIDEO)


Meryl Streep Gives Politically Motivated Speech At The Golden Globes

Meryl Streep gave a nauseating and condescending speech at the Golden Globes that was aimed at Donald Trump. She painted Hollywood to be a bunch of ‘outsiders’ who are from different countries and if you (Trump) kick them out there won’t be any entertainment! She bashed popular sports like football and MMA which of course many Americans enjoy watching!

Meryl Streep continued to spread the lie that Trump imitated a disabled man. The truth is, Trump wasn’t mocking a disabled man, he does the same little hand gestures to poke fun at many different people.

Hollywood is full of overpaid actors who routinely have drug and alcohol problems yet they lecture us on morality.



Conservatives were quick to respond on social media:




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