#LiberalMeltdown: Vile Leftists Make Disgusting Attacks On 10 Year Old Barron Trump!

Outrageous Remarks Directed At Barron Trump Made Over Social Media

The vile leftists have sunk to a new low. On Friday, after the inauguration, the angry leftists took to Twitter to attack Barron Trump who is only a 10 year old boy.

The Attacks

This one by David Lilley is lovely…

Another reference to Barron Trump being a potential murderer…

Donald Trump Assassination and 10 year old Barron having a drug addiction all in one tweet….

Wow…look at how this disgusting leftist refers to a child…unbelievable!

Here’s a verified account on Twitter who attacked Barron and he got a lot of retweets!

There are no words for this one…leftists are degenerate cretins…

Last but not least, SNL writer, Katie Rich sent out this appalling tweet! She received so much backlash that she set her Twitter account to private to avoid being attacked by people showing outrage. Will she lose her job as a writer for SNL after this?



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