Tomi Lahren: Intolerant Left “Tried to Beat My A$$” at Trump Inauguration (Video)

Tomi Lahren, of The Blaze, is attacked at Trump Inauguration

Let’s hear it for the peaceful protestors!! TMZ caught up with Tomi Lahren at Donald Trump’s inauguration.  The conservative political commentator shared why she thought Donald Trump supporters may have stayed away.

Lahren — “Here’s the problem, it was not a hospitable environment for Trump supporters. I saw so many Trump supporters  that were afraid to say they were going to the inauguration because the loving left, which is actually the unloving and intolerant left, were attacking Trump supporters.”

The far left can only talk about being peaceful and tolerant because their actions say anything but!  Lahren went on to talk about her cab ride to the inauguration ball and her encounter with some of the INSANE protesters!

Lahren — I had folks with the black power symbol on the back of their hoodies, track me down, try to pound on my cab door, jump on the hood of my cab, and try to bust the windshield out.”

This is how liberals behave and the mainstream media refuses to report on it.


Watch Tomi Lahren here:

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