Former Mexican President Vicente Fox GOES OFF on Trump: Hashtags “F*cking Wall” (VIDEO)

Former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox publicly lashed out at Donald Trump many times during the Presidential campaign. He is known for saying “I’m not going to pay for that F-ing wall!” after Trump stated that Mexico will be paying for the border wall. Today, Vicente Fox went on a tweet storm attacking Donald Trump and using the hashtag #F*ckingWall. He even posted a video saying ‘Don’t mess with us!’.

Donald Trump harshly criticized NAFTA (passed by Bill Clinton in 1994) today in his speech in Philadelphia. He said that NAFTA is a disaster which is costing America billions of dollars a year in trade deficits with Mexico alone. We finally have a President who is putting America first. Sorry, Mexico the gravy train is over. We are building a wall and you will pay for it one way or another.


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