Former Black Panther Mason Weaver DESTROYS Far Left Hack John Lewis (VIDEO)

Former Black Panther Mason Weaver DESTROYS Congressman John Lewis and Democratic Party!

Far Left Democrat John Lewis continued his attacks on President Elect Donald Trump this week.

Last night, on Tucker Carlson Tonight,  Mason Weaver, a former Black Panther, gave his opinion of John Lewis, and you may be SURPRISED by it!

Mason Weaver — “He has presided over the worst school system in the world, where black people are learning only to be gang prepped.”

Tucker Carlson — “When you say he’s presided over it, are you speaking of his congressional district?”

Carlson Weaver — “Not just his congressional district, but the congressional communist black caucus.”

Can you imagine the outrage if Donald Trump said anything like this??   Weaver continued with his TIRADE on the Democrats, saying


“I don’t understand how any black person can be a democrat”!  WOW!  He doesn’t pull any punches throughout the interview!

Watch interview:

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