Nutty Elizabeth Warren Tries To Trap Ben Carson at Hearing (Video)

Nasty Elizabeth Warren Tries To Trap Ben Carson

Isn’t that racist?

On Thursday renowned neurosurgeon Ben Carson sat before Elizabeth Warren in a Senate committee and was questioned about his ability to lead the department of Housing and Urban Development.

President-elect Donald Trump’s decision not to sell his businesses is providing opportunities for Democrats who are in need of attention to try to embarrass him and his Cabinet picks. Elizabeth Warren took on Ben Carson, Trump’s choice to head the department of Housing and Urban Development and tried to trap him on numerous occasions by her line of questioning.

“Can you assure me that not a single taxpayer dollar you give out will financially benefit the president-elect or his family?” Warren said. She said she was trying to “highlight the absurdity” of Trump continuing to hold business interests.


“I will manage things that benefit the American people,” he said, adding that using common sense and reason are the best tools to use when making decisions.

Elizabeth Warren is a notorious liar who falsely claimed that she was native american so she could get into Harvard Law School earning her the nick name Pocahontas.


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