Democrat Florida Mayor Apologizes for Calling Police Officer a ‘Pig’

Stuart, Florida Mayor Eula Clarke, a Democrat, apologized this week for calling a Stuart police officer a pig earlier this month.

Stuart Mayor Eula Clarke, official photo.

Clarke called the officer a pig when she spotted him as both were in a grocery store on January 11 and the mayor said, “”I didn’t know we were serving pig,” according to the Palm Beach County Police Benevolent Association.


Stuart Mayor Eula Clarke, screen image via WPTV.

WPTV-TV in West Palm Beach reported on the controversy.

Excerpt from WPTV report:

…The mayor told me she apologized to the officer already.

“I have met with him and I have expressed to him how sorry it is that this unfortunate event happened,” Clarke said.

And she would be willing to do the same to the entire police force- while finally acknowledging the January 11 incident.

“It happened. That was something that happened. It’s done with. I want to move on. I want the officers to work for our community. I want them to believe in what I do as mayor. To believe in what they do for their jobs. I just want to make sure that they know I have their backs,” she said…

WPEC-TV reported on details of the incident.

“Mayor Eula Clarke walked into a convenience store—Taylor’s Grocery–in Stuart January 11 where Stuart Police officer Edward Fitzgerald was inside talking to one of the store employees.

Then the mayor made the comment, according to the police union, “I didn’t know we were serving pig tonight.””

Image of Mayor Clarke’s letter of apology via Law

Clarke is an elected Stuart City Commissioner who was newly appointed by her fellow commissioners as mayor with her term starting this month.

“At the end of each year, the Stuart City Commission votes to appoint a new Mayor and Vice-Mayor for the following year. For 2017, the Commission appointed Commissioner Eula Clarke as Mayor and Commissioner Tom Campenni as Vice-Mayor, respectively.”

The Martin County Times reported Clarke has served as a commissioner since 2011 and previously served as mayor in 2013.

John Cardillo, a retired New York City police officer who lives in Florida, reported the officer called a pig by the mayor is white.

“Black Democrat mayor of Stuart, FL sees White cop in grocery store. Says “What are we serving, pig today?”

Taylor’s Grocery where the incident took place, is Black-owned according to, and serves a Black clientele, which might explain why the Black mayor felt comfortable calling the white police officer in the store a “pig”.

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