Breaking: Project Veritas Undercover Video Shows Hateful Feminists Verbally Assaulting Pro-Life Journalist

Project Veritas had an undercover female journalist dressed as the Statue of Liberty attend the Women’s March. She was holding a sign that said ‘Real Feminists Are Pro-Life’ which is why she got lambasted by angry Feminazi’s! She’s one brave journalist!

Some of the shocking things these protesters were screaming at the female Project Veritas journalist..

Real Feminists do not tell women to be incubators! You are not a real feminist!

You don’t know what feminism is! No bitch, you don’t!

My life and my choice matters!! My life my choices matter!

My body, my choice! My body, my choice!

If you’re on the side of the KKK, you should probably be recognizing something’s a little f*cked up. You’re supporting the KKK!

This ‘Women’s March’ was a bunch of angry, condescending bullies who only care about women who agree with them. They see abortion on demand as a righteous cause to fight for while demonizing women who fight for the life of the unborn. These feminists detest motherhood and see children as an inconvenience. What kind of society do we live in where women are no longer yearning to have children, revere motherhood or at least see babies and children as the most innocent of society deserving of life and love?

These feminist bullies have gone full circle. They have become the oppressors. They seek to silence women with whom they disagree with. They’ve essentially replaced the so-called oppressive men that they sought to fight in the first place. Third wave feminism is simply cultural Marxism with a pink bow…or in this case a pink pussy hat.

Video via Project Veritas


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