BBC Joins US #FakeNews Media with Latest Video: “Trump: The Kremlin Candidate”

The far left British Broadcasting Company joined American #FakeNews outlets with their latest conspiracy video.

“Trump the Kremlin Candidate?”

The 30 minute production begins with the question: “Was Donald Trump helped into the White House by Vladimir Putin?” And then an “expert” says, This is clearly our most serious blow to our Democratic system since Watergate.”


According to unverified reports Russian hackers broke into John Podesta’s email account (his password was “password”) and gave his emails to Wikileaks who published them. The emails brought to light the complete corruption, racism, anti-Catholicism and hatred of top Hillary officials.

So the TRUTH supposedly helped Trump defeat Hillary Clinton in a landslide election… That and the fact that Hillary sat out October and never campaigned in the rust belt.

What a crock of crap!
Via Vlad Tepes:

On Tuesday Putin told reporters people who stand behind #FakeNews on Trump are worse than prostitutes.
That would include a vast majority of US journalists.

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