Austrian Minister: Put Electronic Tags On All Terror Suspects & Syria Returnees; Germany To Start Tracking Terror Suspects!

European Countries Start Tracking Suspected Terrorists

While Liberals in America are upset because they think President Trump is violating the U.S. Constitution by halting immigration from Islamic countries, Europeans are waking up to the absolute horrors of Islam as the continent is being over run.

To say that Donald Trump is violating religious liberties of these refugees and immigrants is absolutely not true because they’re not U.S. citizens and therefore aren’t protected by our constitution.

In the wake of the numerous major terror attacks over the last couple of years European countries are having to take steps to monitor some of these very dangerous thugs.

From RT:

Even those terrorist suspects who have not committed a crime should be tagged, and UK-style total CCTV surveillance needs to be put in place, says Austrian Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil, as the country considers a radical overhaul of security legislation.

“There are several possibilities on the table. Electronic ankle tags for people posing a potential threat are definitely something to be considered,” the center-left politician told the O1 state radio station on Tuesday. “I definitely think that it would be appropriate that they are monitored, that the authorities know what they are doing, whom they are meeting.”

…Doskozil has also called for widespread use of video surveillance, another Sobotka idea. There are approximately 1 million operational CCTV cameras in Austria, compared to over 6 million in the UK, according to police statistics.

While this may seem radical to some, Germany is planning on doing this exact same thing in wake of the Berlin massacre in which an Islamic Terrorist took a truck and drove through dozens of people in Germany, killing many.

From The Daily Beast:

And one of their proposals, to monitor suspected Islamist extremists who have not been convicted of any crime with electronic ankle bracelets, is already being described as radical itself— but also as a “sedative pill” or “placebo.”

In Germany, the clunky electronic monitors are traditionally reserved to hug the ankles of convicted sex and violence offenders after their release from prison. But now, according to Maas, using them to monitor Gefährder would make the work of security services, “substantially easier...

…However, only 62 out of 548 suspected Islamist extremists in Germany are rejected asylum applicants. Which brings us back to the electronic ankle tag, or Fußfessel (foot chain), as Germans are calling it.

“What has been suggested here is not excessive,“ Thomas Mücke, the head of Violence Prevention Network, tells The Daily Beast. His Berlin-based organization works with teenagers in danger of being radicalised.



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