VIDEO: Benjamin Netanyahu SLAMS Obama and Kerry In Fiery Response


Netanyahu Responds

Benjamin Netanyahu slams the Obama administration their recent actions and John Kerry for his speech earlier today.


From The Hill:

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday blasted Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech on the Israel-Palestine conflict as a “great disappointment” that undermined the Jewish state.


In a speech from Jerusalem, Netanyahu criticized Kerry for spending more time criticizing Israeli settlement activity than condemning Palestinian acts of terror.

The Israeli leader said the conflict with the Palestinians “has always been about Israel’s very right to exist.”

“I can only express my regret and say that it’s a shame that Secretary Kerry does not see this simple truth,” he added…

…“Secretary Kerry said the U.S. cannot vote against its own policy, but that’s exactly what it did at the U.N.,” said Netanyahu.

Netanyahu said his country “looks forward to working with President-elect Trump” and lawmakers from both parties “to mitigate the damage this resolution has done, and ultimately, to repeal it.”

He also called on the Obama administration to prevent future action against Israel at the U.N. “in its waning days.”

DEVELOPING: Report – Netanyahu on his way to a criminal investigation

A politically motivated criminal investigation?

News of this investigation came out only moments after Benjamin Netanyahu finished his speech blasting the Obama administration leading some to ask the question of whether or not the investigation is politically motivated.

The Obama administration has tried to have Benjamin Netanyahu removed from office before when Obama sent TAXPAYER money to try to oust Netanyahu.

From Reuters:

“Israel’s attorney-general has ordered police to open a criminal investigation in two unspecified matters involving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Channel 10 television said on Wednesday.

When asked, a Justice Ministry spokeswoman declined to respond to the report.

Netanyahu has in the past denied wrongdoing in the purchase of submarines from Germany, where media have reported a potential conflict of interest involving his lawyer.

 The Channel 10 report said one of the two cases that Attorney-General Avihai Mandelblit had been examining was not known to the public.”

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