Thank You All for Your Feedback… We Pulled the Effing Pop-Up Ad

We heard you. The effing Pop-Up ad is gone.

Thank you all for the many, Many emails we received this past week on the new ad we were trying out.

The ad kicked you off the website and forced you to log in again and again until you got tired of the crap and went somewhere else for your news.
It was complete hell on cell-phones and iPads.


For the record, it was not supposed to work that way.

Seriously – I apologize for putting you through this nightmare. I never expected the ad to act like Godzilla. We will not use this service EVER again.
I am totally against ads that disrupt your reading experience. I want our ads to be as unobtrusive as possible.
Please forward future comments-complaints to Advertize on The Gateway Pundit.

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