SURPRISE! Obama Is Leaving America MORE DIVIDED Than George W. Bush


Remember when the Democrats and their allies in media told us Obama would be a uniter? The same people unfairly demonized President George W. Bush as a horrible person.

Now, here we are eight years later and we know that was all baloney. The country is more divided than ever.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Divider in chief: Obama leaves nation more divided than Bush

President Obama, who entered office in 2009 promising to be the unifier in chief, is leaving the Oval Office with the nation more polarized than ever, even more than when he took the reins from the most unpopular exiting president in 28 years, George W. Bush.

While he campaigned to “move beyond the divisive politics of Washington and bring Democrats, independents and Republicans together to get things done,” he kicked off his administration with a party line vote on Obamacare and leaves with a massive 67-point partisan approval gap.

The latest Pew Research Center analysis of his legacy found that 81 percent of Democrats approve of Obama versus 14 percent of Republicans.

When Bush left office, the gap was 58 points, 81 percent to 23 percent.

In other words, Obama made things worse.

Good luck getting our totally corrupt media to report this.

They’re too busy fussing about “fake news” to report the truth.

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