OUTRAGE! VA Workers in Oklahoma Resign After Veteran Is Found With MAGGOTS In His Wound


Trump’s presidency can’t get started soon enough, especially when it comes to our veterans. The ongoing mistreatment of vets under this administration has been a national disgrace.

Four employees at a facility for veterans in Oklahoma have resigned from their jobs over a resident in their care who was found with maggots in his wound.

Tulsa World reported:


Four resign from Talihina veterans center after resident found with maggots in wound

Four staff members at the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs Talihina facility have resigned after a resident who later died was found with maggots in a wound, the agency said.

Executive Director Myles Deering said the maggots were discovered while the patient was alive but were not the cause of his death. He said the man came into the center with an infection.

“He did not succumb as a result of the parasites,” Deering said Tuesday. “He succumbed as a result of the sepsis.”
Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening complication of an infection.

A physician’s assistant and three nurses, including the director of nursing, resigned in the wake of the investigation, said Shane Faulkner, a spokesman for the agency.

“All four chose to resign before the termination process began,” Faulkner said.

Too bad this veteran wasn’t an illegal immigrant. Maybe then he would have been treated with more care and respect.

Watch the national media ignore this story.

We can’t have any news that reflects badly on government while Obama is still in charge, right?


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