When Leftists Attack: Trump Supporter Wears ‘Build that Wall’ T-Shirt – Gets Abused (VIDEO)

A California Trump supporter wore a #MAGA #BuildTheWall T-shirt at his apartment complex recently and was immediately attacked by his Mexican neighbors.

The woman called him “racist” for wearing a “f*cked up” T-shirt.

Trump supporter Nathan Morton posted the video earlier this month.
It already has nearly half a million views.


The Daily Mail reported:

A Donald Trump supporter claims he was verbally attacked by his anti-Trump neighbors because he was wearing one of the president-elect’s T-shirts.

Nathan Morton posted a video on YouTube on December 3, which he says was shot in the communal area of his apartment building in California.

‘Backstory: the neighbors above me agitate constantly so i (sic) hang out in the clubhouse to get work done,’ he wrote.

‘This is a particularly clear example of the kind of nonsense hostility I deal with on a regular basis. I’m wearing a #buildthewall print T-shirt. MAGA.

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