At Least 14 Malls Shut Down Across US on Monday Due to Large Planned Fights

MASSIVE PLANNED MALL FIGHTS Broke out across the US on Monday forcing many of the malls to evacuate shoppers and close their doors.

December 26 is one of the busiest shopping days of the years with after Christmas specials.

At least 14 malls were shut down in the US due to massive fights.


A massive fight broke out at the Beachwood Place Mall in Cleveland, Ohio.

Shots were fired at the Jersey Gardens Mall in New Jersey.

The Manchester, New Hampshire mall was shut down before 6 PM due to fighting.

The Fox Mall in Aurora, Colorado was evacuated after the massive brawl on Monday.

Here’s video of the brawl in the Fox Mall.

Around 500 people came to the mall to witness a fight planned on social media.

The mall was evacuated due to the violence.

Malls in Connecticut, North Carolina, Virginia, Illinois and Colorado were shut down due to large fights.

Malls in Texas and Arizona were also shut down.

According to Denver reporter Ashley Michels at least 14 malls were shut down due to large fights.

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