VIDEO=> HOLLYWOOD ELITES Call on GOP Electors to Dump Trump

Hollywood elites released a video on Wednesday calling on all GOP electors to ignore the will of the people and vote against Trump.

Democrats are not graceful losers.

Debra Messing, who campaigned with Hillary at many of her small rallies, makes a cameo in the video.


The Hillary supporters are hoping to get 37 electors to switch their vote. Then the election would go to the House where they could start harassing and threatening lawmakers to vote for Hillary or get a bullet in the mouth.

The Hollywood elites call their group “United for America” instead of “Fascists for America” which would be more appropriate.

The video includes Martin Sheen, Debra Messing, James Cromwell, BD Wong, Noah Wyle, Freda Payne, Bob Odenkirk, J. Smith Cameron, Michael Urie, Moby, Mike Farrell, Loretta Swit, Richard Schiff, Christine Lahti, Steven Pasquale, Dominic Fumusa, Emily Tyra, Talia Balsam and many more.

Many of these elites are the same actors who released a pro-Hillary ad before the election.
That didn’t work either!

Th elites are also offering free legal support to any GOP turncoat who flips.

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