Original article from News Revolt:

While the American mainstream media is still obsessed with the ambiguous phenomena of ‘Fake News’ a new ‘Fake’ trend is spreading throughout the land of the free. Fake Hate Crimes are surging right now following the 2016 Presidential Election which saw outsider Donald Trump pull off an upset against Hillary Clinton. In fact they have been trending upward for quite some time now and over the last 12 months they have gone to a new level.

Muslim On A Plane

This is the most recent example taking place Today (Wednesday). Breitbart reports that, “A viral video of a man escorted from a Delta Airlines flight supposedly for speaking in Arabic is the work of Adam Saleh, a popular YouTube prankster with a history of admittedly fake videos and intentionally provocative antics on airplanes”.

His claims are being heavily disputed now especially now that many of his previous videos are being reviewed. In recently discovered tweets it appears that Adam Saleh believes that the Boston Marathon bombers were innocent. 

Muslim In Michigan

On Wednesday Heat Street reported that Police in Michigan are now saying that an alleged attack on a female Muslim was completely made up. 

The alleged attack was originally reported by The Michigan Daily, “A female student was approached by a man between 5:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Friday and told if she did not remove her hijab, he would set her on fire with a lighter, according to a University of Michigan Division of Public Safety and Security crime alert released Saturday morning.”

The Heat Street article notes that “Police in Ann Arbor have determined that the “hate crime” never happened. After conducting multiple interviews and reviewing surveillance footage, investigators found “numerous inconsistencies” in the alleged victim’s statements, which led them to conclude that she made it all up.” 

News of this Fake Hate Crime comes only days after a Muslim woman in New York City did the same thing. 

Muslim In New York

Yasmin Seweid, an 18-year-old Muslim woman, claimed that three men attacked her on a Manhattan subway this month and tried to pull off her hijab was charged on Wednesday with filing a false report, the police said.

She said that one of the men was yelling “Donald Trump” and another one yelled “Look, there is a f—-g terrorist! Get out of this country, you don’t belong here!”

A student at Baruch College, Yasmin Seweid, was also charged with obstructing governmental administration, the police said. Both charges are misdemeanors. Her sister, Sara Seweid has since come out on Facebook and blamed the New York Police Department and the media for investigating the story. 

Muslim In Louisiana

In November another Islamic woman, this time in Louisiana, told police she was walking on a street near the University of Lafayette campus when two white men attacked her, yelled racial slurs and stole her wallet and hijab. The woman also initially said one of the men was wearing a Donald Trump hat. She is now being charged with filing a fake police report after an investigation turned up no evidence and she admitted to making it all up.

Student at Villanova University

Also in November, a female African-American student at Villanova University alleged in a hate crime-related story that after Trump’s victory, a group of white men knocked her to the ground as they yelled “Trump”. The unnamed student decided to ask local and campus police  to shut down the investigation into the incident, yet police did not reveal the reason for her request.

Muslim In New York (Another One)

Back in April a Muslim woman in New York City claimed she was attacked by a white male who called her a “f**king terrorist” and slashed her cheek with a knife before running away. Breitbart reported that police announced the 20-year-old woman slashed her own cheek, giving herself a two-inch cut, and invented the hate crime story.

YouTube Star

Another notable Fake Hate Crime took place over the summer, The Daily Mail reported that a Gay Youtube Star, ‘Faked Hate Crime Attack After Being Arrested For Vandalizing Cars By Beating Himself With A Phone Receiver Inside Jail Cell’.

Other Notable Fake Hate Crimes

The Daily Caller Highlights Several Other Notable Fake Hate Crimes:

  • An openly bisexual senior at North Park University claimed she was the recipient of a homophobic note and hateful emails following Donald Trump’s win in the presidential election. But the school president has reported the notes were “fabricated.”
  • An Asian student at the University of Minnesota claimed she was harassed by a white male as she was walking across a bridge in Minneapolis. The man told her to “go back to Asia,” Kathy Mirah Tu said in the post. She ignored him and kept walking across the bridge, but says he followed her and added: “Don’t you know it’s disrespectful to walk away from someone when they are talking to you?” He then allegedly grabbed her wrist, and she responded by punching him in the throat.
  • A Black woman in Philly claimed in a viral Facebook post that The white men “proceeded to talk about the election and how they’re glad they won’t have to deal with n—–s much longer,” she wrote, adding that one approached her and said: “How scared are u, u black bitch??? I should kill you right now. You’re a waste of air.” Another pulled out a weapon and said: “You’re lucky there’s witnesses or else I’d shoot you right here.” Boyer later deleted the post and replaced it with another claiming the men were caught and charges were filed. Local police in the area said no charges have been filed and they haven’t heard from anyone at all about the confrontation. Spokespersons for the Delaware State Police, New Castle County police, Dover police and Smyrna police also said they got no such reports.
  • Chris Ball, a gay Canadian filmmaker alleged he was assaulted by Trump supporters on election night in Santa Monica, Calif. The Trump supporters hurled gay slurs at him while he was watching the results come in at a bar, he claims, then followed him out of the bar at the end of the night and assaulted him in an alleyway. Ball posted a photo of himself covered in blood in an Emergency Room as evidence, saying the attackers smashed a beer bottle on his head. “We got a new president you fucking faggots,” they told him, according to Ball.He did not provide the name of the bar or the location of the attack, and his story has not been substantiated. The Santa Monica Police Department put out a statement saying they received no information indicating the alleged crime occurred, and that a check of local hospitals revealed no victim of any such incident was admitted or treated in the hospital.