HOW FITTING! Jeep Carrying Castro’s Ashes Breaks Down On Way To Funeral


What a commentary on socialism! 

For the funeral of Fidel Castro, his ashes were being carried in a jeep. That jeep was doing a processional through the streets of Cuba.

Until the jeep broke down. 


Downtrend reported:

The Russian-made jeep ferrying the ashes of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro broke down and needed to be pushed on Saturday en route to the late leader’s final resting place.

Castro’s ashes were interred in a private ceremony Sunday morning, ending nine days of official mourning, Fox News is reporting.

“The breakdown of the jeep in the midst of adoring crowds chanting “Long live Fidel!” was symbolic of the dual nature of Castro’s Cuba. While his legacy inspires fierce adulation by many of the nation’s citizens, others continue to grumble about Cuba’s autocratic government, inefficient bureaucracy and stagnant economy.”

Cubans had to get out and push the jeep.

Here’s another view:

Well, there it is.

The fruits of socialism!

Image: Source 

Guest post by Tom Franklin of American Lookout.

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