Museum in San Francisco to Host ‘FASHION OF ISLAM’ Show in 2018


Hey ladies! Burkas, Burkinis, Niqabs and Hijabs are the new fashion statement for modesty so put away those sundresses and bikinis and show you are committed to Sharia law!

The New York Times reported:

SAN FRANCISCO — The de Young Museum here has drawn big crowds before with shows on Oscar de la Renta, Jean Paul Gaultier and Yves Saint Laurent. But for its next big fashion extravaganza, the museum is entering new territory — and moving from gowns to hijabs, the head scarves worn by many Muslim women. The museum’s new director, Max Hollein, has scheduled “The Fashion of Islam,” the first major show developed since his arrival, for the fall of 2018.

“There are probably people who don’t even think there is fashion in Islam,” Mr. Hollein said. “But if you look at Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Beirut, the fashion is really vibrant, and it can speak to larger political and social developments, cultural understanding and misunderstandings.”

Mr. Hollein’s idea is to approach the subject from different perspectives, examining how Islamic styles are shaped by seemingly polar opposites: religious beliefs, which seek to avoid any appearance of extravagance and arrogance, or calling attention to oneself, and global fashion trends.

One part of the show will look at interpretations of hijabs by Islamic and European designers, from Iman Aldebe and Hussein Chalayan to Dolce & Gabbana. Another will display Islamic streetwear and sportswear, addressing the burkini ban controversies that have plagued the beaches of France. Another section is expected to be more historical and show examples of traditional Muslim dress.

Oh yes, the fashion is just so vibrant in Saudi Arabia where women are all dressed in dark cloaks, can’t drive and can’t go in public without a male family member. It’s just so progressive for women to have to wear a slave cover otherwise face heavy persecution. Muslim women have had acid thrown in their faces, received lashings or have been killed by refusing to cover themselves. I always thought that these women who rebelled against wearing a Burka were fed up and wanted to be free, but now I realize that they were just not fashion forward enough!


Not only is a Burka or any other Islamic head cover oppressive to women, it is also an outward profession of their commitment to Sharia law. These women support lashings, amputations and even the death penalty for theft, adultery, homosexuality or apostasy. They also support child marriages which is legal under Sharia law. These are just a few of the shockingly barbaric punishments under Sharia law.

I will never accept a Burka as a fashion statement. In fact every Western nation should ban Burkas and completely ban Sharia law. This is not a celebration of fashion, it is a celebration of a 7th century barbaric death cult seeking to dominate the world.


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