Fake News: WaPo Says Berlin Terrorist ‘Sought Better Life In Europe’

Anis Amri was the 24 year old terrorist who murdered 12 people and injured 56 (including women and children) in Berlin after he drove a truck into a Christmas market. The Washington Post jumped to his defense saying he was seeking a better life in Europe after leaving his impoverished Tunisian hometown.

The Washington Post did recognize the many crimes Anis committed leading up to the terrorist attack yet continued to make excuses for him.

Amri was convicted of stealing a truck in Tunisia and of burning down a migrant center in Italy, his mother said. But he was able to work small jobs while in an Italian prison, and sent money home. Italian authorities called him a problem inmate who had to be transferred to six different Sicilian prisons for bullying other prisoners and trying to spark rebellions.

Amri’s trajectory reflects the tumult in his country since he came into adulthood. He fled as Tunisia turned from a police state into a democracy in a chaotic 2011 uprising that spread across the Arab world. But Amri’s prospects in the free world weren’t as rosy as he’d hoped — much as Tunisia’s freedom has been rockier than many hoped, marred by violence and economic troubles.

Even after this terrorist burned down a migrant center within days of arriving in Europe and murdered 12 people, the Washington Post continued to try to humanize him. They even posted a younger picture of him to make him look like an innocent young man with a baby face. They lamented his poor upbringing making it sound like all the cards were stacked against him which is why he ‘turned to crime’.


If Anis Amri was really seeking a better life like the Washington Post claims, he would have obeyed the laws instead of breaking them. Immigrants seeking a better life work hard, learn the language of the host country and their ultimate goal is upwards mobility. Amri is another terrorist who was able to infiltrate Europe because of their failed open borders policy.

Amri went to Europe with one goal and that was to bring Islamic terror. He even made a video pledging his allegience to ISIS. As if Islamic terrorism being the new norm isn’t bad enough, we have fake news sites defending terrorists and making excuses for them. Being poor doesn’t cause one to become a terrorist. The common denominator with all of these terrorists is Islam.


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