‘Faith Spotted Eagle’ Cracks Glass Ceiling – Snatches Electoral Vote from Hillary Clinton

This is what winning looks like, folks!
It turns out that Hillary Clinton lost 4 of the 12 electors in Washington State – Three voted for Colin Powell and one voted for a Native American.

Leading up to the the electoral vote today, the leftist media elevated faithless Trump elector, Chris Suprun. He was the loud and proud rogue elector in Texas and the fake news media couldn’t get enough.
But the coup failed.

Instead Hillary Clinton lost at least four electors today including one to Faith Spotted Eagle.


Faith Spotted Eagle snatched one of Hillary’s votes in Washington.

Faith Spotted Eagle cracked the glass ceiling.
Faith Spotted Eagle snatched one elector from Hillary in Washington State!

Faith Spotted Eagle is a member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe and an anti-oil activist. Robert Satiacum, the Washington delegate who nominated Spotted Eagle, says she is a “real leader” unlike Hillary Clinton.

It just keeps getting better!

Here is the full list of Faithless electoral voters since 1796.

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