BOOM! Netanyahu Calls Obama and Kerry Liars: We Have ‘Incontestable Evidence’ US Behind UN Draft

Secretary of State John Kerry delivered an hour long speech today to clarify the Obama administration’s position on Israel after last week’s damaging UN vote.

In his speech today Kerry claimed the US was not the driving force behind the UN resolution against Israel.

“We reject the notion that the US was behind the UN resolution.”

But later today Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called out the liars Barack Obama and John Kerry.
Via Conservative Treehouse:


(05:30) […] We have it on absolute incontestable evidence that the United States organized, advanced and brought this resolution to the United Nations Security Council. We will share that information with the incoming administration; some of it is sensitive, it’s all true; you saw some of it in the protocol released in the Egyptian paper – there’s plenty more, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Egyptian newspaper Al-Youm Al-Saba’a published the transcript of meetings between top US and Palestinian officials on Tuesday that prove the Obama administration was behind the anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution that passed last week in a 14-0 vote.

Netanyahu says he has even more proof that the Obama administration was behind the UN resolution.
And he won’t be afraid to share that information with Donald Trump.

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