Barack Obama Says Reparations to Blacks for Slavery “A Good Argument”


Please go.

Community activist and failed President Obama told far left reporter Ta-Nehisi Coates from the Atlantic that reparations to blacks for slavery is “a good argument.”

Republicans ended slavery on December 7, 1865 – over 150 years ago. Hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their lives to free the slaves.

But that isn’t good enough. Obama wants reparations.

His family owned slaves.

The Daily Caller reported:

President Barack Obama said in an interview published Wednesday that reparations payments for black Americans could be a good idea but simply aren’t politically feasible.

Speaking with The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates, Obama said that it’s easy to make an argument for reparations for black Americans because of past sins like slavery and Jim Crow laws.

“Theoretically, you can make, obviously, a powerful argument that centuries of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination are the primary cause for all those gaps [between white and black people],” Obama said in the interview. “That those were wrongs done to the black community as a whole, and black families specifically, and that in order to close that gap, a society has a moral obligation to make a large, aggressive investment, even if it’s not in the form of individual reparations checks, but in the form of a Marshall Plan, in order to close those gaps.”

Obama didn’t endorse reparations, but he didn’t reject them either. Other minorities in America, he said, would not find it fair to them.

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