HARD TRUTH: Americans Know Obamacare Sucks – No Matter What Obama Tweets About It

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Is anyone surprised?


Obama’s Twitter Account

The twitter account belonging to Barack Obama is the 4th largest twitter account in existence in terms of the number of people following the account. The account has 80.3 million followers trailing only Katy Perry (94.9 million), Justin Bieber (90.7 million) and Taylor Swift (82.6 million).

What’s interesting about the account is that Obama has a pinned tweet at the top of his account which means that tweet stays on top even after the user puts out more tweets so that people can see the tweet. Pinned tweets are used when the person running the account has an important message that they want everyone to see, usually the tweet is promoting something.

Before you continue reading, make sure that you’re not eating any food. I don’t want you to choke.

What tweet does Obama have pinned?

“Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, your coverage is better today than it was before.”


If you notice the yellow highlighted areas of the tweet you’ll notice that the tweet was put out on November 5th and that it has only 1,600 ‘re-tweets’.

That may seem like a lot of ‘re-tweets’ to some but for an account that size that is a very low number. Add in the fact that the tweet has been pinned to the top of the account for nearly 2 months and that becomes a shockingly low number.

I laughed when I saw this tweet.The President is trying hard to convince the American people that he did something successful while in office despite presiding over the destruction of the Democratic party. Under Obama’s watch the Democrats lost over 1,000 seats across the country.

What does it mean?

It means that people are done buying into the narrative of a failed President.

For some perspective, look at the number of ‘re-tweets’ that the tweets from Donald Trump have received today:

3 out of the last 4 tweets Donald Trump has put out have over 23,000 ‘re-tweets’; it’s worth noting that Donald Trump has only a fraction of the following that Barack Obama does with just a little over 18 million followers.


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