VIDEO: HILLARY LOSES IT! Goes Off On ‘Bill Clinton Is a Rapist’ Protester at FL Rally

Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton angrily reacted to a protester shouting “Bill Clinton is a rapist” at a campaign rally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Tuesday night, saying, “”I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support Donald Trump,” according to reports.

Video posted to Twitter by ABC News reporter Josh Haskell shows an animated man wearing a white Bill Clinton ‘Rape’ t-shirt and holding a green “Bill Clinton is a rapist” sign being ejected from the rally as Clinton reacts angrily on stage.

“Protester interrupts Hillary Clinton shouting “Bill Clinton is a rapist.” Clinton fires right back “I am sick and tired of the negative””

“Clinton to protester “I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous behavior of people who support Donald Trump””

Jamie Guirola with WTVJ-TV also filmed the protester.

“Man interrupts @HillaryClinton yelling “Bill Clinton is a rapist”- she responds she’s tired of divisive distractions. @nbc6″

This video of Clinton’s tirade was filmed from the audience. (Watch to the end for a pleasant surprise.)

“Here’s Hillary absolutely going bezerk on a protester, starts screaming, shouting, yelling. Full off the rails.”

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