TERRORISM EXPERT: Ohio State Attack “Bears All The Hallmarks Of ISIS” (VIDEO)


The terrorism expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka appeared on FOX and Friends this morning and suggested that the attack at Ohio State University looks very much like an ISIS inspired event.

From the FOX News Insider:

Gorka: Ohio State Attack Bears All the Hallmarks of ISIS

On “Fox & Friends” this morning, Gorka pointed out that this attack, which was carried out by Somali-born student Abdul Razak Ali Artan, is similar to the 2014 murder of a British soldier by two Islamists.

He said it also resembles the terror attack in Nice, France, in July, in which a jihadist drove a cargo truck into a crowd of people.

Gorka added that radical Islamist magazines like Al Qaeda’s “Inspire” and ISIS’s “Dabiq” have called for lone wolf attacks using vehicles or knives, which is exactly what Artan did.

Gorka said that this reinforces the need for thorough vetting of any refugees coming to the U.S. from countries that are hotbeds of radical Islamic ideology.

“This is one reason I think Donald Trump was so successful in the recent presidential election,” Gorka said. “He talked about extreme vetting, about the fact that we cannot adequately vet people from war zones or regions of instability.”

Watch the video:


Gorka makes an excellent point about Trump and extreme vetting.

We clearly need more of it.

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