Stein’s Recount May Prevent WI, PA, MI Votes From Being Counted by Electoral College


Jill Stein is asking for recounts in an effort to nullify the electoral votes of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Federal law says that presidential recounts must be completed within 35 days after an election. Stein waited until 90 minutes before the Wisconsin deadline for filing a recount petition expired.

All the votes have to be certified by December 13 according to a report on Friday. The electors meet on December 19.

Wisconsin will almost certainly miss that deadline, since the last recount took more than a month. And that recount was for a state Supreme Court contest where only 1.5 million votes were cast.

If Wisconsin misses the December 19 deadline, the electoral votes may not be counted.

Stein is going to ask for a hand recount, which will slow the process even further.

If Wisconsin’s electoral votes are excluded on December 19, the state will then have to try and get Congress to include the votes in the January 6 count.

According to Inquisitr:

The statewide recount in the presidential election would require a recount of nearly twice as many ballots — about 3 million — and the process would become even more cumbersome if Stein is successful in requiring a recount by hand, as she has said she prefers.

If the proposed Wisconsin recount is not completed on time, the state’s 10 Electoral College votes could be rendered void. In that scenario, Trump would be left with 296 electoral votes, which is still 26 more than the 270 needed to win the presidency.

But two other states, Michigan and Pennsylvania, where Stein plans to demand a recount could cause even more severe turmoil.

So the situation is actually much worse than most people think.

Stein may successfully strip Trump of the electoral votes of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. If so, it’ll be up to Congress to decide whether they include the votes or not.

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