NIGEL FARAGE: “It Feels Like Brexit Day to Me” (VIDEO)

British Brexit leader Nigel Farage went on Varney and Co. this morning to discuss the US election.

Farage told Stewart Varney it feels like Brexit Day in the US today.


Nigel Farage: You know, it feels just like Brexit day to me. All the smart money, all the commentators, all the foreign exchange dealers, the book makers, they all think that Hillary is going to do it. And yet even those opinion polls conducted by conventional companies you find it very difficult to reach non-voters who are entering the process, even they show it as being so close as to be within the margin of error. We did it on Brexit day because, a lot of people who don’t normally vote were motivated to get down to those polling stations and to do their stuff. Trump’s got a lot to do. He’s got to win those swing states. He’s got to win Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio. I get that. And yet, I have a feeling that the world could be in for a very big shock tomorrow morning.

The Brexiteers shocked the world when Britain voted to leave the European Union in June.


Via Varney and Co.:

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