NEW: Clinton Seen Shaking in Van After 9/11 Memorial Collapse

The man who filmed the famous collapse of 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as she left the commemoration of the September 11 terror attacks in New York City last September 11 that rocked her campaign has added a previously unreported detail to the incident.

Zdenek Gazda spoke with about the impact of his video on the election. Buried at the end of the article was the report by Gazda that he saw Clinton shaking after being put in the van.

Gazda, who lives in Verona, said people have told him he “changed history” because after the video went viral, Clinton’s officials announced she was suffering from a bout of pneumonia that was diagnosed two days earlier.

Clinton’s campaign initially said Clinton left the 15th annual observance at Ground Zero because she felt “overheated.”

Gazda, who had made more than $100,000 for his famous 20-second clip, said after he turned off his video, said he saw Clinton shaking inside the van.

He admitted he wasn’t sure what his video had captured until he looked at it. “I was shocked at what I saw,” Gazda said.”

More of Gazda’s story about the video at


The original tweet of the video:

“Hillary Clinton 9/11 NYC”

YouTube version.

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