HIGH SCHOOL GIRL Pummeled, Scratched, Thrown to Ground, Stomped On for Supporting TRUMP (VIDEO)

A Woodside, California high school girl was beat up for supporting Donald Trump.

Sophomore Jade Armenio was assaulted, thrown to the ground, pummeled and had her earrings pulled out.
The entire beating was filmed by fellow students.

The Hillary supporter beat her for supporting Trump.


Jade was left with a bloody nose, scratches and bruises.

None of the other kids came to her defense.
ABC7 reported:

Before the results came in on election night, Armenio had posted on Instagram that she hoped Trump would win.

“I don’t think I could name one person on any of my accounts who didn’t say their opinion last night,” Armenio said.

Armenio’s parents say they’re mortified about what happened.

“My husband and I don’t put our political views on social media. Kids still do it. That’s their life. We tell them don’t do it, but even if she does she should never be hit like that,” said Gina Armenio.

The principle of Woodside High School issued a statement that reads in part the recorded incident was investigated in conjunction with law enforcement and appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.

Armenio says she’s also now the target of social media hate mail but she’s taking it in stride.

“In high school if you really care about what every person thinks you’re going to get torn apart,” Armenio said.

Armenio parents say they are keeping her out of school until they know she’ll be safe.

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