Clinton Judge Orders Restraining Order Against Trump ‘Poll Watchers’ in Ohio

Guest Post by Joe Hoft

election vote precinct

An Ohio judge has issued a restraining order against the trump campaign ‘poll watchers’.  The judge was appointed by former President Bill Clinton to his position in 1997 –

A written order from a federal judge in Ohio seeks to prevent Republican Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and others from taking part in certain activity that could intimidate voters.

U.S. District Judge James Gwin in Cleveland ruled Friday that anyone who engages in intimidation or harassment inside or near polling places, regardless of political alliance, would face contempt of court charges.

Gwin’s decision to grant a temporary restraining order follows a complaint filed by the Ohio Democratic Party against Trump’s campaign and Republican political operative Roger Stone.

Gwin dismissed the Ohio Republican Party as a defendant in the case.
According to ballotpedia, Gwin was nominated by Bill Clinton to his current position in 1997.



There is nothing ethical when it comes to the Clintons!

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