BREAKING: TRUMP Takes Lead for First Time in ABC-WaPo Poll – Hillary Drops 13 Points in 10 Days

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For the FIRST TIME this election cycle Donald Trump took the lead from Hillary Clinton in the ABC News Washington Post daily poll.

Hillary has dropped 13 points in 10 days!
Via News Alert:

ABC News reported:


Strong enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton has ebbed since the renewal of the FBI’s email investigation.

While vote preferences have held essentially steady, she’s now a slim point behind Donald Trump — a first since May — in the latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates.

Forty-six percent of likely voters support Trump in the latest results, with 45 percent for Clinton. Taking it to the decimal for illustrative purposes, a mere .7 of a percentage point divides them. Third-party candidate Gary Johnson has 3 percent, a new low; Jill Stein, 2 percent.

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