WIKILEAKS: Donna Brazile Trashed Obama Economy in Private While She Cheered For it in Public

donna brazile tampered

Remember when it was recently revealed that Hillary has a public view and a private view on the issues? That’s apparently a popular trend among Democrats.

CNN contributor and current DNC chair had a private view of Obama’s economy and a public view of Obama’s economy, according to Wikileaks.

MRCTV reports:

EMAIL: DNC Chair Admitted Obama Job Creation Claims Were Deceptive

Donna Brazile, the current interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, has been a public cheerleader for President Obama’s administration and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to replace him. In private, though, new emails are showing a different story.

Based on emails released by WikiLeaks, Brazile sent an email to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta earlier this year saying that she felt people were “in despair” about the current economy. Brazile points out that while new jobs may have been added, they are “low wage” jobs.

She also points out that housing (in all caps) is another big issue, with “most people [paying] half of what they make to rent.”

A month after sending that email, Brazile tweeted this:

So which is it, Donna?


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