UPI/CVoter Poll: DONALD TRUMP Leads Hillary Clinton by 2.5 Points

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Donald Trump took a two point lead in the latest UPI-CVoter poll.
Trump leads Hillary Clinton 49.38% to 46.89% .
UPI-CVoter poll, via Free Republic:

The UPI/CVoter daily presidential tracking poll released Monday shows Donald Trump leading former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by 2.5 percentage points, a slight increase from the beginning of the weekend.

The online poll shows Trump carrying 49.38 percent of voters to Clinton’s 46.89 percent in the daily tracking poll, continuing the back-and-forth swapping of a slight lead since Clinton lost a sizeable lead after the Democratic National Convention in late July. “Others,” defined in the poll as respondents who decline to pick either Clinton or Trump, made up the remaining 3.73 percent of voters.

Clinton gained a bump in her poll numbers after the Democratic convention, reaching a high of a 7.3-point lead on July 31. She largely maintained a lead until September when Trump leaped ahead of her. Trump led the poll for 11 days after regaining the lead on Sept. 6, and the candidates have since taken turns holding slim leads in the daily poll.

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