Shame on Them! Anti-Trump GOPers, Liberals Mock White Woman Holding ‘Blacks for Trump’ Sign at Rally

Shame on them! A white Republican woman holds a sign that reads “Blacks for Trump” at a Trump rally in Sanford, Florida on Wednesday and she gets attacked by elitist anti-Trump Republicans and liberals.

The woman, a Trump supporter named Jeannie, recently told The Gateway Pundit she has been friends for many years with the organizer of the group behind the ‘Blacks for Trump’ signs, Michael, and is happy to help spread the message of racial inclusiveness in the Republican Party.

Photos and videos show Jeannie sitting with Michael, who is Black, and other Black Trump supporters all of whom are waving “Blacks for Trump” signs at the Sanford rally and at a Trump rally in Lakeland, Florida on October 12. (The Miami New Times recently reported on Michael and his troubled past.)


Image from Sanford rally via Twitter.

For holding that sign, Jeannie is being mocked by GOPe and liberals in the media.

“Ooops! Wrong sign! @nbcsnl @thehill @nytimes @RawStory @TheRightScoop @politico @PolitiBunny @thedailybeast”

“That’s the whitest black woman I’ve ever seen. Try harder Trumpkins!”

Jeannie can be seen waving her sign behind Trump in this clip posted by NBC’s Bradd Jaffy.

“Trump notices signs behind him: “Blacks for Trump — you watch. You watch.””

Jaffy notes:

“1—There’s a doctor wearing a lab coat *and stethoscope* behind him 2—White woman is holding “Blacks for Trump” sign”

This racist pig reporter dismissed Jeannie as an “old white woman”.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid was indignant that Jeannie held a “Blacks for Trump” sign.

“Yeah, what was this about? A white woman waving a “blacks for Trump” sign? … via @TPM”

“Trump rally in Florida today features a “Blacks for Trump” sign, brought to you by an old white woman”

CBS News wrote about Jeannie holding the “Blacks for Trump” sign at the Lakeland rally and speculated “she may have picked up the wrong sign.”

White woman holds “Blacks for Trump” sign at Florida rally

…”However, one thing was out of the ordinary: a white woman standing just behind Trump could clearly be seen holding a “Blacks for Trump” sign.”

Some CBS News producers noted that these rallies can often be confusing, and signs are usually indiscriminately placed in the stands for attendees to use. And there were signs with several different messages in the crowd. She may have picked up the wrong sign…

CBS helpfully circled Jeannie in red in a photograph from the Lakeland rally.


CBS late night host Stephen Colbert mocked the “Blacks for Trump movement on Tuesday’s show.

“Stephen Colbert is the latest white person to join #BlacksForTrump
@StephenAtHome | #Trump”

The joke may be on Colbert and his fellow liberals in the media and GOPe. Trump is earning about 16 percent of Black voters’ support in recent polls. That is almost triple the 6 percent that 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney received running against President Barack Obama.

A poll released Tuesday shows Trump with 18 percent support from Black voters in Florida.

Former Florida Lt Gov Jennifer Carroll speaks as Jeannie in white shirt stands with Blacks for Trump group with at Sanford rally, photo by Kristinn Taylor
Former Florida Lt Gov Jennifer Carroll speaks as Jeannie in white shirt stands with Blacks for Trump group at Sanford rally, photo by Kristinn Taylor

CNN discussed Jeannie on Wednesday afternoon.

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