RNC: Republican Early Voting Numbers Up Significantly Compared to 2012

The Republican National Committee released new numbers today on the state of the 2016 race.

Republican early voting numbers are up this year compared to 2012.
Democrats are underperforming in critical battleground states.

The RNC has put a new emphasis on driving early vote turnout this cycle and as a result our 2016 numbers are vastly outperforming what we did in 2012. Amidst all the speculation about what moves a race, it is still votes and voters who ultimately decide who wins, and Democrats are suffering a drop off in the early vote numbers that they have traditionally depended on for victory. This year we are outperforming Romney while Dems are underperforming Obama in crucial battleground states. We’ve substantially closed the gap with Democrats and capitalized on many voters’ enthusiasm for Donald Trump by getting them to the polls early:


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