German Court Throws Out Charges Against Anti-Erdogan Poet

erdogan bohmermann
Comedian Jan Böhmermann and Recep Tayyip Erdogan

In April German chancellor Angela Merkel agreed to allow the Erdogan government to prosecute German comedian Jan Böhmermann for an anti-Erdogan poem.

This week the German High Court ruled that Freedom of expression and art are high values in Germany.
The charges against comedian Jan Böhmermann for his “defamatory poem” have been dropped.


This article is dated today October 5, 2016:
Susanne Spröer of Deutsche Welle reported.

Yes, Jan Böhmermann’s satirical poem, broadcast during his show in March on German public television, was vulgar. His words hit way below the belt, including allusions to bestiality. His poem also included absurd and unfounded stereotypes of the Turks.

Böhmermann was vulgar – but the charges had to be dropped.

Prosecutors in Mainz spent half a year investigating the case to determine whether Jan Böhmermann had insulted the Turkish president, as a German law bans defaming representatives of international governments.

Now they have decided to drop the case. Böhmermann will not need to go to court. And that’s a good thing.

This was a rare moment of sanity from the German republic in the midst of its campaign to destroy the country by mass third world immigration.

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