Corrupt Obama DOJ Moved to Spike Comey Investigation So He Went Rogue – And Notified Congress

Update on the latest Clinton FBI investigation—

According to The New York Times, as of Saturday night, the FBI had still not gotten approval from the Obama Justice Department for a warrant that would allow agents to read any of the newly discovered Abedin emails.

As Dan Riehl reported – this is very likely the reason behind Comey going public on Friday.
The Obama DOJ was hampering an FBI investigation.

The FBI is STILL being blocked by Obama’s DOJ from reviewing new Abedin emails.

In June Hillary assistant Huma Abedin told FBI investigators under oath that she had turned over “all devices” that held State Department emails.
She lied.

The corrupt and politicized Obama DOJ strongly discouraged Comey from pursuing Clinton email case.
He wouldn’t listen.

In August the Obama Department of Justice refused to investigate the highly controversial Clinton Foundation.

Final thoughts by Dan Riehl.

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