The Obama Legacy: 8 Million More Americans Working 2 Jobs Today Than in 2009 (VIDEO)

The Obama legacy:
— 19 trillion in debt
— 1 in 5 Americans on food stamps
— Worst labor force participation rate since Carter
Worst GDP rate since Great Depression

And now this…
Eight million more Americans are holding a second job today than they were when Obama took office.
Scott Shellady at Varney and Co.:

According to Tough Nickel in 2015 at least 7 million Americans were holding two jobs in 2015.
This number has grown in the last year.

People who are holding 2 or more jobs in this economy are not unusual. In fact, according to the most recent available numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, (2010 Census) in December of 2011 more than 7 million people in this country were holding 2 or more jobs. That’s 5% of the total workforce. Sometimes they are holding 2 full time jobs, sometimes one full-time and one part-time job, and sometimes it is 2 or more part-time jobs. More than half of all multiple job holders are women.

Since these statistics are several months old, it is reasonable to believe even more than 7 million workers in this country are holding 2 or more jobs because the economy has not improved appreciably since these statistics were published. In fact, the economy has gotten worse. The most recent job creation statistics from last month (July 2012) were dismal.

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