THE TRUMP TOTALS: 220 Campaign Events with More than 1.2 MILLION Attendees in One Year

Guest Post by Joe Hoft

Will Liberal Media Ever Report on the Historic Number of Attendees at Donald Trump Campaign Events?

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Donald Trump held over 220 campaign events since jumping into the Presidential race in June 2015.  More than 1.2 million people have attended his events since last year.

According to a post on Reddit Trump has held events with as many as 31,000 participants.  (Note that this list only includes campaign speaking engagements and not fundraisers or visits with government and corporate leaders.)

When comparing the Trump campaign with the Clinton campaign since the conventions in late July the results are staggering.  Donald Trump held 31 campaign events in August.  More than 198,000 people participated at these events in August and for 7 of these events (Columbus, Harrisburg, Ashburn, Wilmington, Abingdon, West Bend and Akron) Trump had overflow crowds.

In Everett, Washington as in many locations throughout the campaign, Trump set a new attendance record in the arena where his event was held.

Trump in WA

Hillary Clinton on the other hand held only 11 campaign events in August and had a meager 10,000 people show up at her events.

Donald Trump has materially outpaced Hillary Clinton in rallies and in attendance at campaign events since the conventions in late July. Trump held triple the number of events that Clinton held (32 – 11) in August and had 20 times the number of participants. From August 17th through the 31st alone Trump campaigned in front of 88,000 at his events to only 400 (yes 400) for Hillary at her one event since the 17th!

While Trump continues to smash Clinton in attendance at events, Clinton continues to take time off.

Clinton has no Clinton campaign rallies scheduled in the foreseeable future.  Hillary must not be holding events either because she is too sick or she doesn’t want to show the little support for her campaign to date.  In early August at a small gathering at a union hall in Nevada, Hillary ‘froze’ and needed to be comforted by what appeared to be a medical doctor who got on stage and patted her back while spurring her on.  He has since disappeared but Clinton’s episodes have not.  At a subsequent event in Florida Clinton froze again.

The lines to get into Trump events are making news on social media but the mainstream media remains silent about Trump’s monstrous crowds. The line on Tuesday to get into the record setting event in Everett, Washington was a good example:

The puzzling piece of information is that the rallies that Trump holds in ‘blue’ states are as big as or bigger than those in ‘red’ states. Trump appeals to the masses while Clinton stays home and goes to bed.  Trump even mentioned this in one of his speeches.

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