Mook Meltdown, Part II: Hillary Campaign Mgr. Still Can’t Answer Basic Questions (VIDEO)

On Wednesday Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook went on “Morning Joe” to discuss the campaign.
It was a disaster.

Mook could not answer basic questions about the campaign.


The only question Mook could answer (and not cleanly) was about the break-up of Brangelina.


Mook was completely unprepared to answer any foreign policy questions on a morning show that spends tremendous amounts of time every day on those topics. Mook’s unpreparedness was so evident, host Joe Scarborough said he was “tip-toeing into Gary Johnson territory” on Aleppo.

It was a disaster.

On Sunday Mook did it again.
Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook went on CNN and still couldn’t answer any basic questions.
America Rising reported:
First, in a repeat of his Morning Joe interview, Mook showed himself to be out of his depth when asked simple policy questions. When Jake Tapper asked him about Hillary Clinton’s views on sanctuary cities, Mook could not answer the questions…

…Mook was also asked about the FBI’s release of new documents from their Clinton investigation on Friday. Once again, Mook had no clear answers for Tapper. All Mook could do was repeat the same talking points as every other Clinton supporter:

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