Former Clinton Supporter: Sid Blumenthal Fed Me ‘Birther’ Hit Pieces in 2008 All the Time

James Asher, a former McClatchy Washington Bureau Chief, tweeted out on Friday that Hillary Clinton’s surrogate Sid Blumenthal pushed the rumor in 2008 that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

The liberal mainstream media attacked Trump on Friday for suggesting the Clinton campaign was behind the ‘birther’ rumors.
The media gave Trump “Four Pinocchios.

Now this…
Another former Clinton supporter wrote on Friday that Sid Blumenthal and the Hillary campaign was behind the birther controversy.
Larry Johnson at No Quarters reported:


I am shocked at the audacity of Hillary Clinton to decry Donald Trump as a birther because her campaign not only pushed that item in a bid to discredit Barack Obama, but mounted a sustained campaign attack Obama on a broad array of issues. How do I know? I was part of that effort and was in regular email and phone coordination with Sidney Blumenthal. Sidney was the conduit who fed damaging material to me that I subsequently posted on my blog.

In some cases Sid Blumenthal actually provided a draft piece that I would slightly modify and publish under my name. Most of the time, however, Sid provided background information and researched material that I would use to craft pieces. How many? I am providing the links to 63 blog articles that I posted (and in one case was posted by Susan Hudgens, who assisted with the blog) between January 2008 and June 30, 2008.

Here is simple summary of material (in writing or through a verbal briefing) that I received from Sid?

  • Information surrounding the corrupt business relationship between Barack Obama and Tony Rezko.
  • Information about Barack Obama’s ties to Palestinian radicals.
  • Information concerning Barack Obama’s longstanding ties to the American terrorist, Bill Ayers.
  • Information concerning Barack Obama’s close ties to radical clerics–i.e., Jeremiah Wright and Father Michael Pfleger.
  • Information concerning allegations that Barack Obama was not a natural born citizen.
  • Information concerning Barack Obama being adopted by Indonesian Muslim Lolo Soetor
  • The big Kahuna of the anti-Obama dump was the allegation that Republicans had a tape of Michelle Obama in which she used the disparaging term “Whitey.” I published that after being told about the “tape” by Sid Blumenthal. (I learned a few weeks later that the story of the tape actually originated with Media Matter’s David Brock and he confirmed its existence to me in person).

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