CNN Shortchanges Trump Campaign Activities in Comparison With Part-timer Clinton’s Schedule

CNN can’t count. CNN can’t read a map. And CNN can’t accurately report on the campaign activities of Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump and his rival Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

A report published Tuesday by CNN authored by Dan Merica and Noah Grey, By the numbers: Trump has campaigned more than Clinton, purports to be a side-by-side comparison of the post-convention campaign activities of Trump and Clinton in the wake of Clinton falling ill in public on Sunday.

“Just since the late July party conventions, each has visited more than a dozen states and held tons of events. Trump, notably, has been able to spend almost every night at home in New York. He also took nearly every Sunday off. Clinton, on the other hand, took her down days in spurts of two to four. August was actually a lighter-than-usual month for Clinton and she focused on fundraising more than she had in other months.”

The accounting covers the 47 day period from July 29 through September 13 and shows that Trump has indeed out-campaigned Clinton, but the numbers stated by CNN undercounts the number of states Trump has visited.

However, CNN added a correction to the article noting that the original article miscounted the number of states visited by Clinton:

“CORRECTION: This graphic has been updated to correctly reflect the number of states Hillary Clinton has visited since July 29. The correct number is 16.”

The article includes maps and a calendar that notes each candidate’s activities including rallies, fundraisers and other appearances. The map for both candidates includes stops by each in Washington, D.C., but D.C. while not a state but a distinct district is not listed in the total of states visited.


Clinton is listed as having visited 16 states holding 41 fundraisers, 32 rallies and speeches and 7 unannounced campaign stops with 15 days off in 47 days. Clinton also had two days of cancelled activities following her illness.

Trump is incorrectly listed as having visited only 21 states. Trump’s activities as reported by CNN are 21 states visited and one trip to a foreign country, Mexico, holding 26 fundraisers, 46 rallies and speeches, 18 unannounced campaign stops with 7 days off in 47 days.

Without reviewing every stop for accuracy, a cursory review of CNN’s statistics shows glaring incompetence by CNN.

The map of the U.S. used to highlight the states visited by Clinton matches the total number listed by CNN: 16.

The map used for CNN shows Trump having visited 24 states yet Trump is listed as having visited only 21.

But even the map is inaccurate as Trump visited Minnesota in August for a fundraiser that brings Trump’s total states visited to 25.

Math and map reading are tough for CNN.


CNN’s calendar for Clinton illustrates how she laid the groundwork for the idea that she was not up to campaigning full time. The 18 day period from August 18 through September 4 shows only two days of public campaigning. Clinton took eight days off and spent the other eight days behind closed doors at fundraisers. Of course when Clinton did return to full time campaigning she was beset by coughing fits and collapsed after only one full week of campaigning.


CNN’s calendar for Trump shows Trump campaigning hard six days a week with only Sundays (and one Saturday) taken off except for September 11 when he attended the 9/11 anniversary observance at Ground Zero where Clinton collapsed.

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