Clinton Supporter Mark Cuban Given Front Row Seat to Troll Trump During Presidential Debate

The Clinton Campaign is putting Mark Cuban a seat in the front row seat to troll Donald Trump during the presidential debate on Monday.
cuban hillary jack off

They are that desperate.
Mark Cuban tweeted about it today.

The Politico reported:

When Donald Trump looks out at the crowd during his upcoming presidential debate with Hillary Clinton, Mark Cuban plans to make sure he sees at least one unfriendly face.

The bombastic billionaire who’s been an outspoken critic of the Republican nominee will be sitting front-row when the two opponents square off for their first televised debate at Hofstra University Monday, Cuban revealed in a tweet Thursday night.

Billing it as the “Humbling at Hofstra,” Cuban says he plans to watch closely as Clinton tries to “overwhelm” Trump.

Trump should return the favor and give a front row seat to Monica Lewinsky or a Benghazi hero’s widow.

Trump has also been trolling Mark Cuban this year… Trump said, “Mark’s not smart enough to understand what we’re doing.”

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