VIDEO: HUUGE – LONG, LONG LINE for Trump Rally in Everett, Washington

Thousands of Trump supporters are lined up for at least ten blocks for a rally by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in Everett, Washington set for 7 p.m. PDT Tuesday.

Trump is expected to fill the 10,000 capacity Xfinity Arena to capacity for a rally that was confirmed just days ago.

“@LiveNLetLive12 9 yrs wrkng in downtown Everett, never seen line this long to get in XFINITY l… crazy Trump rally”

Video taken by Right Side Broadcasting Network of the line for the Trump rally shows ebullient Trump supporters snaking along block after block of downtown Everett was posted to You Tube.


A clock at the lower right of the screen shows it took about ten minutes to quickly walk the length of the line while filming. The video was sped up to run about 4:28.

“#TrumpinEverett rally attendees pose with their sign #TrumpWA”

An anti-Trump rally is having trouble filling a small local park.

“Found the anti-Trump folks, they’re at a park a bit away from Xfinity Arena where Trump will speak. #TrumpInEverett”

“I moved on over to the rally nearby which will march to xfinity arena to protest trump. This guy is here. #TrumpWa”

Podium is getting polished for Donald Trump’s rally tonight at Xfinity Arena in Everett. #TrumpWA #komonews

“First look at the stage for tonight’s Donald Trump rally at Xfinity Arena in Everett. #komonews #TrumpWA”

“Happening Now: Trump supporters are marching into xfinity arena. The line stretches for several blocks. #TrumpWA”

The Everett Herald reported the line is ten blocks long.

“That line at Xfinity Arena for #trumpineverett is now 10 blocks long. Meanwhile, Trump has arrived at Paine Field.”

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