VIDEO: Illegal Alien Grabs Trump Supporting Pastor Mark Burns, Screams in His Face Outside Trump Tower

Pastor Mark Burns was grabbed by an illegal alien outside Trump Tower in New York City on Thursday. The illegal got in the pastor’s face and screamed at him accusing Trump of being a racist. He repeatedly screamed at Burns and asking if he wanted to deport him and his parents.

Burns was trying to walk away after speaking with a group of pro-illegal alien protesters outside the building when one self-described illegal alien grabbed Burns by the shoulder and pursued him to the entrance of Trump Tower where he proceeded to harangue Burns.

The ugly confrontation was captured by a Fox News camera crew and shown on Your World With Neil Cavuto by substitute host Stuart Varney. Burns, who is a Trump supporter, was entering Trump Tower for a meeting hosted by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump with the Republican Leadership Initiative that included Hispanic and African-American activists.


“Great meeting this morning w/ the Republican Leadership Initiative minority leaders with @realDonaldTrump #UNITY”

[email protected] this AM met with @GOP’s RLI fellows. Special guests include: Dr. Carson, Sen. Sessions.”

This is very arrogant and demeaning behavior by the illegal alien towards a Black man. If this were a conservative white man treating Pastor Burns like this there would be an outcry on social media. But conservative Black man as victim, meh.

This video by NBC News’ Danny Freeman gives perspective of how the illegal alien had backed Pastor Burns up against the entrance to Trump Tower and yet again aggressively touched his shoulder.

“Pastor Mark Burns comes to Trump Tower for his African American & Hispanic meeting, & is confronted by protesters.”

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