Second US Swimmer Stands by Lochte – Says They were Robbed by Gunpoint in Rio

A second US swimmer doubled down and stood by Lochte today. Jimmy Feigen told the San Antonio Express News he was robbed by gunpoint as Ryan Lochte had said.

jimmy feigen
Feigen won a gold medal in the 4x100M relay at the Rio Olympics.

US Magazine reported:


Standing by his word. U.S. Olympic athlete Jimmy Feigen still maintains that he and his teammates, including Ryan Lochte, were robbed by gunpoint in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Sunday, August 14.

“We were robbed at gunpoint. It sounds like people assume we’re guilty,” Feigen, 26, told the San Antonio Express News on Thursday, noting that he would release a statement later in the day about the situation.

Feigen commented on the matter shortly after Brazilian officials claimed that he, Lochte, and fellow swimmers Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger lied about their night out to cover up an altercation they had with a gas station security guard. (Surveillance video of the men at the gas station was released on Thursday.)

Like Feigen, Lochte, 32, has denied that he fabricated their story.

Brazilian authorities edited the security video they released to the media of the alleged “robbery” of US swimmers at a Rio gas station.

us swimmers robbed

The Brazilians edited out segments of the video.

The missing video allegedly shows the security official pointing a gun at the swimmers.

Trace Gallagher: “A security guard comes up to the car and starts speaking to one of the swimmers. You can see him in the window. He points at the guard he reashes inside the window but then right there after that the video jumps ahead three minutes.”

Via FOX News:

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