“This is repulsive” Hillary Clinton Comms Staffer Lashes Out at “Angel Parents” Speaking at Trump Rally

angel parents trump

“This is repulsive.”
That was the reaction of senior Clinton operative Ian Sams as parents of American killed by illegal aliens spoke at a Phoenix rally Wednesday night by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Sams is the battleground states communications person for the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Ian Sams Twitter Avatar
Ian Sams, Twitter avatar.


Sams posted his reaction to Twitter.

“This is repulsive.”

The time stamp of 9:38 p.m. CDT matches when Trump brought what he called “Angel Moms” on stage according to a tweet at around the same time by Reuters reporter Emily Flitter.

“Trump calls all “angel moms” to stage. The mothers of people killed by undocumented immigrants.”

What Sams found repulsive:

“Trump invites Angel Moms, parents of children who were killed by undocumented immigrants, to join him on stage.”

“ANGEL MOMS FINALLY GOT A VOICE TONIGHT ! @realDonaldTrump @MELANIATRUMP @MichaelCohen212 @DanScavino @CLewandowski_”

“Hey Moms out there watch Angel Moms for Trump!!”

“Trump now hugging “Angel Moms” who lost children to illegal immigrants”

Sams wasn’t the only one “repulsed” by the sight of grieving loved ones of Americans killed by illegal aliens being given a platform by Trump.

Mark MacKinnon of the Globe and Mail called the mothers gathered on stage a “hate rally”

“Trump surrounded on Phoenix stage by “Angel Moms” who say their kids were murdered by illegal immigrants. This is pretty much a hate rally.”

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